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Atlantic Technology designs and manufactures high quality loudspeaker systems for home theater, music, and custom architectural audio systems. From its inception in 1989, the company's mission has been to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value. The company is widely regarded as a pioneer in the development of home theater speakers, especially in the development of THX-certified home theater systems. Atlantic Technology is located near Boston in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Mike Miller to Atlantic Technology as National Sales Manager

NORWOOD, MA (2/28/17) – Mike Miller has been named as National Sales Manger of the Boston-area loudspeaker manufacturer, Atlantic Technology.  The company has been a technology innovator in the design of loudspeakers for home theater, home audio, and architectural audio for the best part of three decades.

Miller is an audio and custom installation sales professional with a 30-year career for prestige brands such as Pioneer, Sanyo, Denon, Logitech, Sony ES, and most recently SIM2.         (more....)

Atlantic Technology Debuts SB8 High-Performance
Compact Powered Subwoofer

NORWOOD, MA (1/31/17) – Atlantic Technology has introduced its SB8 compact down-firing 125-watt subwoofer as the perfect companion to any home theater speaker, soundbar, or compact music system. . Despite its small size, roughly 13 x 13 x 11 inches, the SB8 shares the same high-end features found on the company's top-of-the-line subwoofers.

The SB8's down-firing design takes advantage of the acoustic benefits of woofer-to-floor acoustic coupling for exceptionally powerful response. This also allows for a compact cabinet size to squeeze into tight spots behind furniture with no concern of its output being muffled. It has a rugged 8-inch long-throw driver with an oversized surround to deliver a low-end extension of 32 Hz (-3 dB) and low bass-harmonic distortion, even at very high output levels. .... (more)

SB8rightSB8amp SB8woofer

Atlantic Technology PBM2 Powered Bass Module Combines Stereo Amps with Subwoofer and Automatic Source Selection for Distributed Audio

NORWOOD, MA (11/16/16) – The Atlantic Technology PBM2 Powered Bass Module, which generated great interest in prototype form at CEDIA Expo in September, is now shipping to dealers. The PBM2 provides versatile, bass-rich home audio solutions for portable audio sources, computers, TVs, and distributed audio.

The Atlantic Technology PBM2 combines a powered subwoofer, stereo amplifier for add-on speakers, and an innovative circuit that automatically switches between two sources without the need to manually change sources.  Atlantic's PAS priority auto-sensing circuit simplifies operation as either a primary local system or alternate secondary source. With an optional Atlantic Technology BTR Bluetooth Receiver, it can be used to add music to any interior location without running cables back to a central hub, and integrated into a distributed audio system.



Atlantic Technology Now Shipping its Flagship FS5
Front-Stage Soundbar for Large TVs

NORWOOD, MA (11/14/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance sound for the past quarter century, has begun dealer shipments of its new model FS5 Front Stage loudspeaker system. This soundbar offers exceptional sound quality in a size and profile ideal for flat-screen TVs measuring 50 inches and up.

The Atlantic Technology FS5 is a true, no-excuses high-fidelity loudspeaker system that contains all three front-channel theater speakers in a single enclosure. Its attractive piano-gloss cabinet is 50 inches wide but only 3 inches deep so it can be wall-mounted using built-in keyhole brackets, placed on a shelf or used with Atlantic's special Shelf-2405, which provides a shelf attached directly to the flat screen TV itself.


A New Partnership Brings an Amazing Wireless System to the CEDIA Market

Code named GateCrasher, this newest speaker from Atlantic Technology is much more than it seems. With the help of some strategic partnerships, Atlantic is taking it's award-winning high-performance loudspeakers wireless.

Atlantic Technology has partnered with Andover Audio, an advanced technology original equipment developer (fifth generation Henry Kloss company), and Frontier Silicon Limited, the worlds leading supplier of integrated circuits and modules for digital radio and smart audio products. The result is an innovative wireless ecosystem of products, the first of which will be debuting at CEDIA. The GateCrasher is no plastic, mass market speaker with phantom-acoustic tricks up its sleeve, but a true Atlantic Technology loudspeaker with power and impact. (more...)



Atlantic Technology PBM2 Adds Power, Subwoofer, Bluetooth Option,
and Useful Distributed Audio Solutions

NORWOOD, MA (9/13/16) -- Atlantic Technology's new PBM2 Powered Bass Module provides add-on full-range sound to compact stereo speakers, source priority inputs, and optional Bluetooth. A priority auto-sensing circuit (PAS) simplifies operation as either a primary system or integrated into a distributed audio system. With Bluetooth, it can be used to add music to any interior location without running cables back to a central hub.

PBM2 is a great addition to distributed audio systems. It can be installed with the B input connected to the whole house system, and the local A input to a phone, TV or PC. The PBM2 will prioritize the A input when it is turned on, and B when the local source is off. (more...)



Atlantic Technology Debuts FS5 Soundbar for Large TVs

NORWOOD, MA (9/7/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance sound for the past quarter century, has introduced its model FS5 soundbar speaker system that is sized and proportioned to look perfect when used with thin-panel LED/LCD TVs with screen sizes from 50 inches and up.

The Atlantic Technology FS5 is a true, no-excuses high-fidelity loudspeaker system that contains all three front-channel theater speakers in a single enclosure. Its attractive high-gloss cabinet is 50 inches wide but only 3 inches deep so it can be wall-mounted using built-in keyhole brackets, placed on a shelf or used with Atlantic’s special Shelf-2405, which provides a shelf attached directly to the flat screen TV itself. (more...)



Atlantic Technology Debuts LCR2 Ultra Compact Speakers

NORWOOD, MA (8/15/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance audio for the past quarter century, has introduced its new LCR2 ultra compact speakers in white or high-gloss black finish for a wide variety of audio and home theater applications.

Just 8 inches tall, the Atlantic Technology LCR2 is the smallest speaker ever offered by the company, yet it is a true high fidelity product that is designed to deliver excellent audio reproduction for smaller applications and to outperform competitors in its size category. (more...)


Atlantic Technology Debuts WA-60 Wireless Audio System Eliminates the Need for Long RCA Audio Cables

NORWOOD, MA (6/15/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance audio for the past quarter century, has introduced a wireless alternative to the RCA audio cable. The Atlantic Technology WA-60 Wireless Audio System eliminates the need for long signal-robbing runs of unsightly audio cables. With low-frequency response down to 10 Hz, it is ideal for subwoofers. It can also be used to connect receivers, computers, or any line-level audio device across a room or from one end of the house to the other, with a range of up to 70 feet, or 150 feet line-of-sight.

The Atlantic Technology WA-60 replaces its critically acclaimed predecessor, the WA-50, with improved low frequency response for subwoofer applications, better range, more channels and a lower price. (more....)



Atlantic Technology Delivers New Family of Speakers for Home Theater and Music

NORWOOD, MA (3/15/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance loudspeaker systems for the past quarter century, has introduced a three-channel front-stage loudspeaker and sonically matched single-channel speaker that deliver outstanding sound for home theater and music. The two systems use the same tweeters, woofers, and acoustic topologies to deliver exceptional sound quality, power, and carefully matched timbre.  

The Atlantic Technology FS3 Front Stage Loudspeaker combines three side-by-side front-channel speakers in a 42-inch long black enclosure. These elements create a strong, coherent soundstage with an on-wall or console-mounted flat screen TV. [Click to download separate FS3 press release.]

The Atlantic Technology LCR3 is a single-channel version using the same design 'DNA' for use as stereo speakers or theater front or surround channels. The LCR3 is designed for vertical or horizontal wall mounting, with speaker stands, or shelf placement, and it is available in optional black or white gloss finishes. [Click to download separate LCR3 press release.]


Atlantic Technology Debuts New High-Performance In-Wall Speakers
for Home Theater and Music

NORWOOD, MA (2/17/16) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in high-performance home theater speaker systems for the past quarter century, has introduced two new state-of-the-art home theater speakers designed for discreet in-wall installations.

The Atlantic Technology IW-110LCR and IW-105LCR are designed to be installed in the wall adjacent to flat screen TV's or video projection screens. Their paintable grilles can be matched to the wall color for an unobtrusive presentation.

While these speakers are visually discreet, the sound quality presentation is stunning. Both speakers use premium 6-1/2-inch mineral-damped polymer woofers, a 1-inch dome tweeter, and premium first-order 3,500 Hz crossover network. These combine to deliver powerful sound effects, and provide a coherent flow of articulate dialog with the movie action. They deliver powerful bass and clear, airy highs for equal application as music and theater speakers. A three-step tweeter level switch allows users to tailor the high frequency sound for optimal room acoustics, and computer-designed wave-guides optimize treble distribution. ....(more)



Atlantic Technology's Most Discreet Home Theater System

NORWOOD, MASS -- The Atlantic Technology Model 3.1 HSB is a low-profile TV speaker base housing left, center and right speakers powered by your home theater receiver, and a deep-bass "H-PAS-enabled" down-firing subwoofer with its own 80 watt amplifier. All this is enclosed in a compact sturdy stealth-black cabinet that is 4-3/4 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, and designed to support any flat panel TV up to 60 inches wide.

The Atlantic Technology 3.1 HSB is designed to take advantage of advanced home theater sound processing technologies built into most modern AV receivers to generate a compelling home theater experience. It provides options to add optional "real" surround speakers - combined with a real H-PAS subwoofer that delivers room-shaking bass down to 35 Hz.  AV receiver based sound processing is generally superior to the bare-bones processing found in most soundbars.When used with the receiver's processing and additional surround speakers it will sound as good or better than many 5.1 and 7.1 theater systems with dedicated front speakers.

AtlanticTechnology IW-155 SR In-wall Surround Speakers Are Almost Invisible and Deliver Outstanding Surround Sound Performance

NORWOOD, MASS -- Atlantic Technology's new IW-155 SR is a premium-performance in-wall surround speaker that delivers spacious, enveloping surround effects for top-grade home theater systems. Its ultra-thin bezel and magnetically attached grille makes it particularly inconspicuous when installed.

The 155's MDF baffle continues Atlantic's use of non-resonant baffle material for in-wall speakers, resulting in far better acoustic performance than speakers that use 'ringy' plastic or resonance-prone aluminum baffles or enclosures.


Atlantic Technology In-ceiling Speakers Ideal for All Object-Based Theater Sound Technologies

NORWOOD, MASS (12/18/14) -- Atlantic Technology, a leader in loudspeakers for home theater, has announced the first in-ceiling speaker specifically designed to reproduce "object based" elevation channels.

In the last several months, Dolby and Auro (soon to be joined by DTS) have introduced algorithms designed to envelop the home theater listener with a bubble of sound coming from above. All of these formats are modeled on the latest "object-based" sound systems and sound tracks that have been developed to provide the audience with a totally immersive sound field.

The IC-6-OBA contains a high dynamic range 6-inch woofer coupled with a pair of one-inch tweeters designed to produce a "wide scatter." Most other in-ceiling designs tend to have a narrow dispersion and can create audible "hot spots'' to listeners ....more

Atlantic Technology Introduces Revolutionary 44-DA Speaker
Module for New Dolby Atmos® Sound Technology

New Atlantic speaker puts the viewer inside the action by creating a true
 multi-dimensional sonic soundscape

NORWOOD, MA (8/27/14) -- Atlantic Technology today announced the introduction of its revolutionary new 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module for home theater use.

Dolby Atmos is a new technology developed by Dolby Laboratories that adds an unprecedented degree of realism to movie soundtracks. Dolby Atmos is an object based audio format that allows sound mixers to accurately define the specific location of an audio object in a 3 dimensional listening space. This represents a significant departure from the confines and limitations of channel based audio mixing and playback formats. To create the vertical sense of space and layer of sound above the listener that is essential for a lifelike, believable sonic ......


AT 44 DA for Dolby Atmos

Atlantic Technology Lowers Price, Adds Bluetooth Adapter to its Subwoofer-Optional H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 Soundbar

NORWOOD, MASS (12/17/13) — Atlantic Technology, a world leader in advanced acoustics for loudspeakers, has introduced a new version of its full-range H-PAS™ PowerBar home theater soundbar with a $100 lower price and the inclusion of an advanced Bluetooth adaptor. The new Atlantic Technology H-PAS™ PowerBar PB-235-BT is now shipping to its dealers with a new suggested retail price of $799. 

Each PB-235-BT includes one of the company's BTAA-50 Bluetooth adapters that features aptX processing for CD quality audio streaming, "tap and pair" with NFC equipped devices, and AACX decoding. The PB-235-BT soundbar is otherwise identical to its predecessor, and uses H-PAS™ technology to deliver exceptional audio performance on movies and music without the need for an external subwoofer. The bar can be mounted above or below a flat-screen TV either on a shelf or wall-mounting bracket. 



Atlantic Technology is Now Shipping its H-PAS PowerBar 235 Sound Bar

Achieves exceptional bass response and dialog clarity without using an separate subwoofer.

NORWOOD, MASS (10/8/12) -- Atlantic Technology, a world leader in loudspeakers for home theater, has announced that its H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 full-range sound bar is now shipping to its dealers. This 43-inch wide sound bar is designed to deliver theater-level performance without an external subwoofer. The PowerBar 235 can be mounted above or below a flat-screen TV either on a shelf or wall-mounting bracket.

The PowerBar 235 features Atlantic’s patented H-PAS bass system, which produces deep, distortion-free bass without a subwoofer—reaching down to 47 Hz at theater-level SPLs. The PowerBar also boasts a sophisticated DSP with Dolby Digital® and DTS that delivers 2, 3 or 5 channel experience for total listener immersion. The PowerBar 235 represents a major leap forward in both acoustic technology, performance and user convenience for the sound bar product category.

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 is the First Soundbar that Doesn't Need a Subwoofer -- demonstrations at CEA Line Show

NEW YORK (6/27/12) -- Atlantic Technology will demonstrate its revolutionary H–PAS home theater soundbar loudspeaker at the CEA Line Show opening here today.

While most soundbars need to be paired with bulky separate subwoofers to achieve full-range sound with adequate bass performance, the Atlantic Technology PowerBar PB-235 delivers full-range performance with rich bass response down to 47 Hz without the need for a separate subwoofer. It also accomplishes this with much lower levels of harmonic distortion, a performance characteristic reflected in exceptional dialog clarity and intelligibility. 

The PowerBar PB-235 was designed using Atlantic Technology's H-PAS™ design algorithms to create an optimal acoustic pathway of chambers, galleries, traps, and vents for the sound generated by the back-sides of the two small woofers.


Atlantic Technology Demonstrates its AT-2 H-PAS™ Technology Bookshelf Loudspeakers at the 2012 CEA Line Show -- Best of Show Finalist

NEW YORK (6/27/12) -- Atlantic Technology's new AT-2 compact bookshelf loudspeakers use the company's revolutionary H-PAS™ bass technology to deliver much higher levels of deep, low distortion bass than is possible with conventional speakers of the same size.  This is the same technology used in the company's AT-1 floor-standing speaker that has earned rave reviews from the audio press.

The new Atlantic Technology AT–2 is less than 16 inches tall and has an interior acoustic volume of less than 2/3-cubic foot, yet it delivers full, rich bass response down to 41 Hz at -3dB, which equates to exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker.

The Atlantic Technology AT-2 bookshelf loudspeaker uses a single 5-1/4-inch long-excursion woofer and the same 1-1/8-inch Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™) used in the AT-1. It has a crossover frequency of 2,200 Hz, which is much lower than most conventional two-way speakers, affording much wider horizontal midrange dispersion.


Atlantic Technology Expands In-Ceiling Speaker Line-up with New Home Theater and Trim-Look Music Models

NORWOOD, MA, March 26, 2012 -- Atlantic Technology, a highly-regarded manufacturer of loudspeakers and custom installation solutions, has introduced five new stealthy ceiling mounted loudspeakers for home theater and whole house distributed audio.

The Atlantic Technology ICTS-6HT is an in-ceiling home theater speaker designed for use as the front left, center and right channels of a home theater system. The 6-1/2-inch polypropylene woofer ...

Atlantic Technology is also introducing four new Trim-Look Ceiling speakers with thin magnetically attached grilles that are nearly invisible to the casual observer. These highly efficient speakers offer exceptional sound quality for music and home theater applications. ....


Atlantic Technology Debuts Down-firing Subwoofer Designed for Performance and Flexible Placement

NORWOOD, MA, Feb 28, 2012 -- Atlantic Technology has introduced a new down-firing version of one of its most popular subwoofers to provide greater placement flexibility.

By placing the woofer and bass vent on the bottom of the speaker cabinet, the new SB-900DF can be squeezed into tight spots behind furniture with no concern of its output being muffled by the back of furniture as might be the case with the original SB-900 front-firing subwoofer. Atlantic Technology will offer both models going forward at the same $349 suggested retail price.

While the new Atlantic Technology SB-900DF is relatively small, its deep, low distortion bass is fast and muscular. The 8-inch long-excursion woofer ....



Atlantic Technology to License H-PAS® Bass Technology to SpeakerCraft

NORWOOD, MA, Feb 13, 2012 -- Atlantic Technology has signed an agreement with SpeakerCraft to collaborate in the development of new loudspeaker systems using Atlantic's revolutionary H-PAS® bass configuration technology.  Through their application of H-PAS technology, SpeakerCraft will be able to provide their customers with loudspeakers that will deliver deeper and smoother bass in much smaller cabinets than was previously possible.

The agreement will result in the development of several new SpeakerCraft products expected to come to market starting later this year and beyond.

AT logo hpas SpeakerCraft_Logo

Atlantic Technology Ships its AT-2 H-PAS™ Technology Bookshelf Loudspeakers

NORWOOD, MA  (12/14/11) -- Atlantic Technology is now shipping its new AT-2 compact bookshelf loudspeakers which use the company's revolutionary H-PAS™ bass technology.  H-PAS technology produces much higher levels of deep, low distortion bass than is possible with conventional speakers of the same size.  This is the same technology that is used in the company's AT-1 floor-standing speaker that has earned rave reviews from the audio press.

The new Atlantic Technology AT–2 is less than 16 inches tall and has an interior acoustic volume of less than 2/3-cubic foot, yet it delivers full, rich bass response down to 41 Hz at -3dB, which equates to exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker.

Atlantic Technology Strengthens Marketing and Accelerates Product Development in Anticipation of New H-PAS Products

Internal organizational changes are aimed at improving market impact and accelerating the product introduction timetable.

NORWOOD, MA (10/17/11) -- Atlantic Technology's president, Peter Tribeman, today announced several strategic internal changes to improve the brand's corporate visibility and impact on the market, and also to accelerate the company’s time-to-market performance with new products under development.

With a large number of new products in various stages of development—many with the company’s revolutionary H-PAS bass technology—Atlantic’s goal is to achieve fast time-to-market and optimum market impact with a renewed focus on marketing communications and product management.


Atlantic Technology Upgrades its Seven-Channel Soundbar with Improved Aesthetics, Acoustics, and Electrics.

NORWOOD, MA (9/26/11) -- Atlantic Technology is now shipping a significantly redesigned version of its popular FS-.7.0 seven-channel home theater sound bar with a new look, improved acoustics, and higher performance.  Like its predecessor, the new Atlantic Technology FS-7.1 has seven speaker-level inputs allowing for simple and direct connection to any seven-channel home theater receiver.


Atlantic Technology's H-PAS™ PowerBar 235 is the First Soundbar that Doesn't Need a Subwoofer

INDIANAPOLIS (9/6/2011) -- Atlantic Technology will demonstrate a revolutionary sound bar loudspeaker at CEDIA Expo that uses the company's patented H-PAS™ bass technology to eliminate the need for this type of speaker to include a companion subwoofer. The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235 is a two-channel powered sound bar with digital surround processing, all contained in a single 42- x 5¼- x 5¾-inch cabinet with rich bass response down to 47 Hz at -3dB.

The Atlantic Technology H-PAS PowerBar 235 can be wall mounted beneath a video display or inverted for shelf mounting. To accommodate these different modes, the control panel display can be electronically rotated for correct view in either configuration. Alternate display labels are also provided for both orientations.

Powerbar 235

Atlantic Technology to Demonstrate H-PAS Bookshelf Speaker at CEDIA Expo

Atlantic Technology will demonstrate a prototype bookshelf speaker design based on its revolutionary H-PAS bass technology at CEDIA Expo. The prototype Atlantic Technology AT–2 has an interior acoustic volume of less than 1/2-cubic foot, yet it delivers full, rich bass response down to 38Hz at -3dB. This is exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker.

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS technology, which was first demonstrated in prototype form last year at CEDIA, has been licensed to a range of loudspeaker and consumer electronics manufacturers. This technology is now available to consumers with the factory's mid-summer shipments of the first production Atlantic Technology AT-1 floor-standing loudspeakers.

“These new little bookshelf speakers are going to turn quite a few heads," said Atlantic Technology's president, Peter Tribeman. "The H-PAS algorithm has proven remarkably versatile as we scale it up and down. We've been working with both our H-PAS licensees and our own engineers to produce a wide range of systems, from high-end to desk-top speakers."


Atlantic Technology Debuts Revolutionary AT-1 H-PAS™ Speaker at CES

LAS VEGAS, 1/7/2010 -- Atlantic Technology, one of the industry’s most respected loudspeaker manufacturers, today introduced model AT-1, the first production speaker to utilize the revolutionary H-PAS™ bass technology developed jointly by the company with Clements/Solus Loudspeakers. H-PAS is a breakthrough acoustic technology that allows speaker designers to achieve targeted bass performance with 50 percent smaller cabinets, smaller drivers, and lower costs. The technology was first publicly demonstrated in prototype form at the CEDIA Expo in September. 

"We are particularly pleased with the final design of the Atlantic Technology AT-1 and how well it conforms to the calculated performance of the H-PAS matrix," said company president, Peter Tribeman. "It retains the compact size and attractive appearance of the prototype we showed last fall, but has more acoustic weight and a more commanding, and authoritative sound. The AT-1 is uniquely well-suited to both music and home theater roles, and is equally at home in virtually any sized room."

The patent-pending H-PAS system (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System), combines elements of several speaker technologies: bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line. Using a unique cabinet design ...



Atlantic Technology AT-1

Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements Introduce Revolutionary H-PAS Bass Technology

H-PAS™ technology allows speaker designers to achieve targeted bass performance with significantly smaller cabinets, smaller drivers, and lower costs. The company will be licensing H-PAS to other manufacturers.

NORWOOD, MA (8/24/09) -- Atlantic Technology and Solus/Clements, two highly respected US loudspeaker manufacturers, today announced that they have joined forces to develop, market, and license a revolutionary new loudspeaker design protocol capable of delivering deep, low-distortion bass response at output levels unobtainable through conventional bass-alignment techniques. In particular, this technology will allow speakers with smaller cabinets and drivers to achieve levels of performance normally associated with much larger speaker systems. Proof of concept prototypes will be demonstrated at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from September 10 through September 13, 2009

H-PAS Logo

Atlantic Technology Debuts New Home Theater Speaker Systems and Box Subwoofer Lineup

Atlantic Technology, the premier manufacturer of loudspeakers and subwoofers designed expressly for home theater, has introduced three new compact speaker systems, and a new line of box subwoofers. The new lineup marks the most substantial redesign of the company's freestanding speaker offerings in over five years.

"Over the last few years, we've focused our research and development programs primarily on our in-wall and in-ceiling products," comments Atlantic Technology president Peter Tribeman. "Much of that research, which has paid off so handsomely in our architectural speaker offerings, has substantial application for freestanding speakers as well - and we decided that it was time to upgrade those series as well."

The new compact speaker introductions consist of three separate multichannel speaker systems, designated the Atlantic Technology System 1400, System 2400, and the THX Select certified System 4400; these series replace the company's acclaimed System 1200, 2200, and 4200e. Each of these series consists of three models, a two-way LR front channel speaker, two-way horizontal MTM center channel, and a dipole/bipole selectable surround channel speaker. Each series is intended for use with any of the company's subwoofer offerings, allowing dealers and consumers to specify speaker packages to accommodate a wide range of theater rooms and listening preferences.

New features across the Atlantic Technology home theater speaker offerings include the addition of the company's LRT (Low Resonance Tweeter) in the System 1400 and 2400, new on-wall mounting capabilities for the System 4400, and updated aesthetics to match the company's larger floorstanding speaker lines. Also, an entirely new speaker, the dipole/bipole selectable System 1400 SR-Z, is expected to find widespread application as the height channel speaker in home theater systems equipped with the new Dolby ProLogic IIz audio technology. The 1400 SR-Z is also well suited for conventional applications as the left/right or rear surround channels in 5.1 and 7.1-channel theater systems.


Individual press releases:

Atlantic Technology System 1400


Atlantic Technology System 4400

Atlantic Technology SB subwoofer serie

Atlantic Technology Surround Speaker Ideal for New Height Channel Applications

Atlantic Technology has introduced a new dipole/bipole selectable surround speaker designed specifically with height-speaker channel applications in mind. The new Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-z's compact size and shallow profile allow it to be mounted high on the wall above the system's front speakers, making it ideal for use in home theater systems employing the new Dolby ProLogic IIz sound format, which calls for a pair of 'surround' channels to provide sound effects and ambience over the listener's head.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz adds a new dimension of sonic information to movies, games, and music through the addition of a pair of 'height channel' speakers mounted above the front LR speakers. These new channels process the non-directional sonic information already present in audio content, generating a more spacious and enveloping surround soundfield than was previously possible from any stereo or multichannel source material.

Atlantic Technology Teams with Onkyo to Win Best Audio Demo Experience Award at EHX for the Second Year in a Row

NORWOOD, MA (11/21/08) -- Atlantic Technology joined with Onkyo to win the Best Audio Demo Experience award at the Electronic House Expo (EHX) in Long Beach in early November. Onkyo and Atlantic Technology have now shared this award for two years in a row.

"We were all very proud to be invited to join with Onkyo in this competition, and are even more thrilled to have won," said Atlantic Technology President, Peter Tribeman. "When you combine the best speakers with the best electronics, and put some of the industry's smartest minds into the room set up, it is hard to go wrong. With the expert help of Onkyo's product manager, Brian Sandifer and our own Jason Marcure, both companies spent many hours setting up the room to get it just right. With DVD Audio disc pressings of the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby along with a clip from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Blu-ray in Dolby True HD mode, the results were simply amazing."


Atlantic Technology Wins 5 Major Industry Awards

This Massachusetts-based manufacturer wins five major industry awards for its home theater and architectural speaker systems for 2008.

NORWOOD, MA (9/12/08) -- Atlantic Technology, one of the most respected manufacturers of home theater and architectural loudspeaker systems, has received a record high five industry awards so far in 2008 from some of the most influential and respected magazines in the home theater and custom installation industry. All but one of them were announced at the 2008 CEDIA Expo held in Denver this past week.

"The only thing better than a little recognition," commented Atlantic Technology President and founder Peter Tribeman, "is a lot of recognition -- which is what Atlantic has seen this year from all the major industry press and publications. This has been a busy year for us, with a complete redesign of our flagship THX in-wall speaker line, our collaborative work with Epson on the Ensemble home theater system, and a strong push forward of our sales and marketing programs. It's nice to know that hard work is being noticed by the press as well as our dealers and customers." 


Atlantic Technology In-Wall LCR Combines THX Level Performance with Simple Horizontal Installation in Standard Wall Cavities

Atlantic Technology previewed its forthcoming IWTS-155 LCR in-wall loudspeaker to custom installation professionals at the 2008 CEDIA Expo here today. Designed to deliver THX level performance, but still mount either vertically or horizontally in a standard 2x4 wall cavity, the speaker is ideal for use as a high quality L/R speaker, or as the center channel speaker in a complete In-Wall THX system.

"The IWTS-155 LCR will be THX Certified when used with its optional back box," comments Atlantic Technology Marketing Director Steve Feinstein. "This will give installers THX performance in a speaker that is compact enough to be installed horizontally between standard 16 inch-on-center stud construction - something many THX certified speakers are too large to do. The 155 LCR can be used for all three front speakers, delivering perfectly-balanced sound and THX-level performance. Additionally, the 155 will be ideally suited as a center channel match with Atlantic’s THX-certified IWCB-727 and IWTS-30 LCR in-wall speakers when a horizontal center channel speaker is desired."


Atlantic Technology Introduces Two In-Wall Surround Speakers, With and Without THX Ultra Certification

Atlantic Technology has introduced a two dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers in its IWTS line (In Wall Theater System) of architectural speakers for home theater. Both the IWTS-30 SR and the IWTS-14 SR feature dual two-way driver arrays facing front and rear to fill the listening area with ambient sound for a remarkably convincing, lifelike theater soundfield. The IWTS-30 SR has earned THX Ultra certification, a testimony to its remarkable performance and high output capabilities. The IWTS 14 SR (which is not THX Certified) shares the capabilities and feature set of its sibling, but with slightly less extended bass output.

Atlantic Technology Launches Flagship THX Ultra2 In-Wall Speaker

Norwood, MA (4/15/08) – After eight years as one of the industry's most successful THX-Certified in-wall loudspeakers, Atlantic Technology has replaced its flagship IWTS-20 LCR with a brand new model, the IWTS-30 LCR THX Ultra2 Certified in-wall loudspeaker.

The Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 LCR speakers are designed for use as the left, right, and center front channels in a state-of-the-art home theater system, and they deliver all the sonic accuracy and performance the world had come to expect from products earning the prestigious THX Ultra2 Certification. A rotating and pivoting midrange-tweeter assembly ensures optimal performance regardless of whether the enclosure is mounted horizontally or vertically, and it uses the company's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™) for exceptional off-axis listening. The speakers are designed for easy and aesthetically pleasing installation, and an optional sealed rear enclosure provides added acoustic isolation.

Atlantic Technology Ships New THX Ultra Certified In-Wall Subwoofer

NORWOOD, MA (3/3/08) -- Atlantic Technology has announced immediate shipment of the IWTS-8eSUB (In-Wall Theater System), a THX Ultra certified in-wall subwoofer system that is designed to deliver the highest level of in-wall bass reproduction the company has ever offered. The IWTS-8e subwoofer system replaces the company's previous in-wall Sub 8, which broke new ground in 2001 as the first system designed for standard 2x4 studded wall cavities to meet THX's stringent Ultra certification standards. The new system benefits from improved cabinet and baffle design, as well as a new outboard amplifier that is smaller, simpler to set-up, and more powerful than its predecessor.


Atlantic Technology Tunes Up its 6200 Speaker Line by Paring Frills & Prices, Adding THX Ticket

Atlantic Technology has redesigned its popular System 6200 home theater speaker line with improved cabinets, pared configuration options, and lower prices, while adding THX-Ultra2 certification. The new System 6200e line does away with optional side panels and pedestal subwoofers while offering a range of more flexible configuration options suitable to any home theater or multichannel audio installation.

Atlantic Technology Updates Flagship Speaker System and Lowers Price

LAS VEGAS (1/8/07) – Atlantic Technology has introduced its new System 8200e speaker line, an improved version of the company's acclaimed THX Ultra2 certified System 8200. The new flagship system offers the same high-end performance as its predecessor at a significantly lower price point, thanks to simplified cosmetics and configuration options.

"The original System 8200 received universal acclaim from dealers, consumers, and reviewers, and we still haven't found much room for improvement in its performance," comments Atlantic Technology President Peter Tribeman. "However, we did see an opportunity to update its appearance, and make it a better fit for most people's homes. Of course, while we were at it, our engineers did find a way to make sound even better, and we've managed to cut the prices at the same time."