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Copyright Notices


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1. Free Use of Press Releases and Photographs.
This website,, is copyrighted media. However, journalists are granted permission to use and edit the included press releases and photographs in their media so long as they properly identify the manufacturer's brand name and model name of the product. Use of these images is expressly prohibited for advertising, merchandising, catalogs, brochures, or for any other commercial purpose without specific written authorization by the relevant company.

2. Data Trespassing (modifying copyrighted media) is Prohibited.
This website, which includes any and all web pages using an internet address identified by the prefix: "" is copyrighted media. Any person or organization who modifies this media in any way, visible or invisible, by adding internet links, hidden code, "pop-up" widows, or any another form of electronic data to this web site without the signed, written permission of the owners of Gordon Sell Public Relations is in violation of this copyright and subject to prosecution.

The manufacturer's suggested prices mentioned on this web site were correct at the time of publication. However, while we endeavor to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, some prices shown on some of the older press releases may no longer be correct. All prices are subject to change without notice.


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